Payday Advance

Girl with bills fanned out infront of face

Payday advance loans will be delivered to your virtual doorstep within hours, if you qualify. And you can tell us the price of this two-gallon drum of laundry detergent! And you guess today's lucky number -- a prize awaits!!

You Want A Payday Advance? You Got It!

So, which lucky contestant wants a payday advance?

Every day is like a freaking game show around here. When you think about a payday advance, it's easy to see how your life can quickly capture such a game-show-like feeling. Instant injections of cash? Non-issue. Got bad credit? Better yet, got really bad credit? Not a problem. Making minimum wage? Ain't no thang, B!

Payday advance loans are here! Everybody throw your hands up!

So, Bob. You can choose what you already have in front of you - a steady job with a reasonable pay scale, but nothing exciting to look forward to from now until you kick the bucket. Or you can select what's behind Door Number Two. Ooooh. What is it that's back there? You must know. Hey, good choice. It's the one we would have made! Let's take a peek! Well, lo and behold, of all the prizes! Just look! It's a payday advance! Wow!

  • Your custom cash advance will be delivered to your bank account via direct deposit within just 24 hours! It's true boys and girls. Direct deposit capabilities are so tight that you cannot fathom how simple it is to get the cash advance you want.
  • Up to $500.00 in easy, safe, secure and phat payday advance cash - ready to be spent on whatever your greedy, impulsive little heart should desire. Don't think about it or ponder the pros and cons too carefully. Just do it.
  • And, since this is a game show with real giveaways - huge prizes - you have been pre-approved for an advance - a cash loan that normally requires you to have things such as a job, and an identity that's not stolen. Holla!!

When you are considering applying for a payday cash advance, it is imperative that you consider the following question. Does anyone in here know what day it is? Anybody? Answer - it's Friday. At least it was when this page was created. But that's not all. That wasn't even where we were going with that one. Boys and girls, every day can be no fax payday advance day if you follow the links on our site to the sites of our affiliates. These peeps will hook you up.

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