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Girl with bills fanned out infront of face

Payday loan parties. That's what you're going to be having. For serious, dogs. Once you score one of these puppies, bundles of free money will improve your life for the better. At least as far as tonight is concerned.

All My Payday Loan Party People In The House! HOLLA!

Come on down! Payday loans are the bomb! Let's meet the contestants!

Everybody, on your feet! Get your ass up for our host - the one & only, Mr. Ed Carter!

[Wait for applause]

Thank you, thank you. You are too kind. I just flew in from the payday loan headquarters and, boy, are my arms tired! (Wait for laughter and applause). But seriously folks. Let's get it started in here! It's time for the game we have all been waiting for. Our players have come from miles around to find the best no fax payday loan advice and cash advance opportunities. These people are about to engage in a ruthless, tireless competition - a fight for survival unlike any in game show history.

So, is everyone ready to rock? Rod, who's the first contestant on Who Wants A Payday Loan?

  • Cynthia. Cynthia, or "Original Cyn" for short, has been watching Who Wants A Payday Loan for years now. She's doing okay climbing that corporate ladder, but there are still some glass ceilings as we know. The 26-year old has been waiting for this opportunity ever since she graduated from the University of Georgia. Let's see if this could be the day her payday loan dreams come true! With a quick payday loan in her pocket, she could finally get ahead in this world. Cynthia, everyone!

[Wait for applause]

  • Jennie. As a college student, Jennie can appreciate being short on cash... and in need of a payday advance loan to help pay off pressing financial obligations sooner, rather than later. And to have a few bucks left over for some fun! Because nobody likes people who sit around and study all the time. That's not why you're there - you need to par-tay. Live it up. Maybe this will be Jennie's big chance. Let's hear it for Jennie!!!

[Wait for applause]

  • Frank. Now that his wife left him and his kids are out of college, Frank is living the bachelor life again. Except that he is losing thousands of dollars a month in alimony and his mortgage payments are through the roof. The man needs some quick, disposable cash in order to mack on the babes half his age. We feel that payday loans are the perfect fit. Audience, what do you think? (Wait for uproarious applause and standing ovation). Give it up for Frank!

[Wait for applause]

  • Ted. A 42-year old accountant, Ted is stuck in a rut in life. He is the definition of mediocre. Somebody needs to help Ted get his life in order... or just get a life! This boring guy needs to liven things up, and since he isn't doing all that well with his 9-to-5, paper pushing occupation, a payday advance should be just what he needs. I think we can help him out. Everybody, how about a warm round of applause for Ted!

[Wait for applause]

So let's get to it, shall we!?

See which one of these people wants a payday loan more

To see which one of these contestants prevails, and wins their very own payday loan, please check back regularly as the results of our shows are posted on our website! Results of this intense competition will be posted as they unfold. The drama will be real, dreams will be realized and hearts will be broken. But not just yet. You will have to wait. In the meantime, explore the other pages of this amazing Internet destination to discover more details and secrets about the fast cash lending process. This is where you will find the best payday cash loan information and resources money can't buy.

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